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Social Media — Do's and Don'ts of Twitter

SEO results Social media can no longer be ignored in today's world of online marketing. From presidential campaigns to computer sales, they are having an impact like never before. People are using social media globally to debate important social issues and they are becoming a recognized source of breaking news. Just look at the recent events in Haiti and the flourish of activity through Facebook and Twitter.

Keep in mind that social media applications are all about building relationships.

Many small and large businesses are using social media like Twitter to reach a whole new customer base. The ones who stand out however are those who remember that they are building relationships and managing this as creatively as possible. Is your profile name memorable enough to make someone want to check it out? Do your posts feel authentic and genuine? What impression do you give — fun and exciting? Spammy? Boring? How do you stack up?

The Do's:

  • Be unique
  • Post consistently
  • Use humor when appropriate
  • Be memorable
  • Be genuine and personable
The Don'ts:
  • Use your account for sales promotions only
  • Spam your followers
  • Be boring
  • Be afraid to follow others

Remember that social media is all about relationships. Just like your web pages, your Twitter account should provide content that is informative, compelling and relevant to your audience and community.