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SEO results Believe it or not in its infancy the World Wide Web was spun from a magnificent vision of people sharing ideas and information; as a source of knowledge and an educational resource for university students, scientists, scholars and others. It was to be the great equalizer and a resource for all – providing you could operate a Linux system and write DOS. Best of all, this new "information highway" would be completely free! Imagine that – popup blockers need not apply. Well, the same vision was nurtured in the early days of that other wonder of the modern day media messenger, television.

Yes, it is true – just ask Martha, knitting placidly right now in front of her favourite Thursday evening blue-lit flickering images. She doesn't even miss a stitch when CSI is suddenly interrupted by another popup. She doesn't reach for the mute button on the remote, doesn't offer a whimper of protest. She just makes a mental note to make sure to add that new cereal to the grocery list tomorrow – it sure looks interesting – and even though supper was not more than an hour ago, that hamburger sure looks good. Nah, she shouldn't be hungry – should she? Martha was actually around when her Thursday night entertainment choices consisted of gazing at the night sky or listening to Jack Benny on the radio, even though she might deny it.

I'm afraid I don't have much good to say about the evil black box that has come to dominate most of our lives. On the other hand, I will be the first to admit my passion for this new information highway, despite its shortcomings. I know how to use a popup blocker – and use the mute button on the TV remote, as well! I may not be quite as old as Martha but I do remember those early days of two-channel black and white television with minimal advertising. (I also have no trouble remembering that I just ate supper despite an invitation to the Golden Arches).

Commerce is the engine of change, of course. The internet, despite its altruistic and benign (naive some would say) beginnings, has become and will flourish as the primal source of information, knowledge and education in the world. Remember, you heard it here first – CSI and television programming in general don't stand a chance. Schools and education as we know it, universities included, will be curiously examined as relics of the past by future generations (and I am talking the not so distant future). And forget about current arguments against Pepsi machines in school cafeterias – those online universities will be paid with online Pepsi ads. And who do you think will be writing those ads and optimizing those web pages?

If you are lucky enough to be numbered among those SEO and SEM marketers (most likely despised by the masses by then) you will still most likely be doing exactly what we are doing today. The technology may be different, as well as the sophistication of the audience, but you will still jump out of bed every morning, absolutely juiced and rearing to go. After all, it's the challenge that keeps us going, right? Just remember that no one can succeed alone; only television can survive in a vacuum; and we all need help, like the following SEO resources.