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Getting Found for Local Search — the Wherefore

SEO resultsLast time we talked about driving local online traffic to your bricks and mortar store.In terms of tips for optimizing your page for "house painting Alpharetta" or any term:

a.) Remember that search engines love content — meaning keyword–rich readable content. In other words, make sure that the phrase "house painting Alpharetta" is well represented within the copy of your web page. Give the search engines plenty to digest and repeat the phrase about three to five times for every 250 words of your copy.

b.) In the Meta Tag section of your web page, also make sure that "house painting Alpharetta" is included in the keywords section and the description section. Most importantly, the same phrase should be the centerpiece of your Meta Title.

c.) Get yourself listed in online business directories, such as, Yahoo yellow pages and Verizon Super pages.

d.) Use free online classified ad services such as, and

e.) List your business with services such as Google Local, which creates a Google Map listing, or the newer Google Base service.

f.) Connect with other businesses in your area. Promote each other wherever you can and be creative about it. Reciprocate website links. Use online services like Merchant Circle to promote your business, drive traffic to your store and connect with others.

g.) Depending upon your budget, it may be beneficial to launch a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign while you are waiting for results from your organic SEO endeavours. This refers to Pay per Click (PPC) marketing and the cost of such a campaign can vary greatly, depending upon the competitive nature of your particular market.

In all of these examples it should be noted that locality is a very important factor in terms of search results. If you are looking to target traffic that is very specific to your locale, then it only makes sense to focus on or optimize for appropriate keyword phrases that capture the attention of searchers who are specifically looking for business services in their own local area. That is what we call niche marketing. It makes sense, right?